Winter 2017 update!

Happy 2017! Here’s the latest from me:

The column over at Anime News Network? Still going! Come learn more than you ever thought you wanted to learn about Japanese animation.

I recently interviewed songsmith Yuki Kajiura, the mind behind the music of Sword Art Online.

You can hear my guided commentary on episode two of Lupin the 3rd Part II, now on DVD from Discotek Media!

Did you miss my review of Hideako Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s SHIN GODZILLA? Get caught up before the home video release!

I went to the Winter Comic Market! Check out my column on it.

I will be appearing at several anime conventions here in North America in 2017. It’s a little too early to get into specifics, but you can count on seeing me at Anime Boston. More to come!

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