The Latest…

The old site went down the memory hole, so while I rebuild, here’s what I’ve been up to in 2016:

  • My column at Anime News Network continues, telling you more about Japanese Animation than you were ever, ever interested in.
  • I visited Kyoto Animation and interviewed one of their directors, Mr. Taichi Ishidate.
  • Here are my thoughts on Under the Dog, an exciting action OVA funded on Kickstarter!
  • I went to Anime Japan in March. Check out the trip – essays, photo galleries, and more.
  • Last Christmas, I gave you a Christmas special! The very next day, it aired a few more times, on channels like Comedy Central and Spike. It’s archived here. Get a jump on the holiday spirit!
  • In 2016, I’ve appeared at Arisia (speaker), Anime Fan Fest (guest of honor), AnimeNEXT (guest of honor), and Otakon (speaker). My next stop? Arisia 2017! Join me, won’t you?